Kenneth Murray

Training at the Speed of Life

"During scenario based training, it is of paramount importance to have training devices and props that most closely resemble those that will be used and encountered during actual contacts between the police and suspects. One of the big missing elements over the years has been a collection of props to simulate dangerous items that officers might encounter in the hands of perpetrators. The crow bars, hammers, wrenches and axes that DTS produces exceeded my expectations as props during my 5 day RBT Instructor Schools. The students in my classes were extremely impressed with the realism of these devices and they have added an excellent new dimension to the training while providing a safe alternative to the actual items we used to be forced to use. I whole heartedly endorse these items and look forward to additional items being released by this company for use in my programs."


Todd Bailey

Sr. Staff Instructor & Police Firearms Instructor Trainer

"I have used the training tools manufactured by DTS in scenario based training with great success. They bring added realism into the training while reducing the chances of accidental injury from a real prop. DTS Tools are durable and visually accurate. I highly recommend DTS Tools for your firearms, use of force, defensive tactics or any other reality based training program where realism is highly desired."


Darren Hall

Force Response Options Instructor, Tactical Training Center
Vancouver Police Department

"We have been using the DTS tools in our scenario training here at the Vancouver Tactical training Center since April. After the officers successfully defend themselves against a role player (running at them holding one those DTS tools) by shooting with Securiblanks we give them the chance to examine the props. The officers all thought it was a real Axe, Hammer, Wrench etc. and because of the realism had a true "Oh *#*# !" moment and responded appropriately while experiencing the genuine effects of "flight or flight." This is exactly what we have been attempting to do safely for years and until now could not do it with such realism. Great product and so far has been very durable, maybe even "cop proof".